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In a very important collaboration proceeded Cooperative Bank of Karditsa.
In May 2016 signed an agreement with the European Investment Fund in the frame of the EaSI Microfinance Guarantee Instrument.
The agreement concerns the provision of guarantees by the European Investment Fund to the Cooperative Bank of Karditsa in order to develop a microfinance loan portfolio up to the amount of € 5,000,000.
The loans will be guaranteed 80% by the EIF and they could reach up to the amount of € 25,000 per beneficiary.

Beneficiaries of the program could be:
• Individuals - Professionals
• Companies - legal entities of all types provided they are Micro (existing or under formation)
It is important to point out that the beneficiaries of the program will have access, optionally, to customized business support services which are organized in cooperation with the Development Agency of Karditsa

The basic characteristics of the program are:

Guarantee start date : 10/05/2016
Maximum Loan Amount: 25.000€
Part of the loan guaranteed by the EIF: 80%
Maximum rate: 8%+levy of the law128
Rate discount: 20%
Discount on other financial costs: 10% of the current fees
Collaterals: Not necessary. Requested by the credit regulation and the internal procedures with minimum LTV125%
Beneficiary attributes: • Individuals, professionals, microenterprises of all legal types (existing or under formation), facing obstacles to have access to credit, provided that with the support of micro financing they could develop their activity.
Definition of microenterprise: < 10 employees, < 2.000.000€ turnover, during the reference year
Selection procedure: The normal approval procedure will be followed, after the application submission to the relevant bank department
Minimum loan period: 3 months
Maximum loan period: 5 years 


For more information you could communicate with the bank offices.
More details for the EaSI Microfinance Guarantee Instrument you could find to the following URL of European Investment Fund



 The supported financing benefits from a guarantee funded by the European Union under the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).


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